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Does your refrigerator still argue with your electric grill? Are you questioning how to relate with things, animals and they between each other? Get one of the rare Things Translators!

Untill the beginning of 21st century it was taken to be obvious: one object exerts force over another and makes it change physical position or some of its features. No one has seen any way to speak about the interaction of fire and cotton, since philosophy remained preoccupied with the sole relational gap between humans and the world – even if only to deny such a gap.

The term ‘vicarious’ has been designed from Graham Charm Men to oppose all forms of naturalism, by indicating that we still have not enough knowledge how physical/metaphysical/emotional relations (between human, animals and things) are possible in the first place.

This is now over, since we have our great Things Translator! Live a peaceful life with everything around you!

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